Creating new ideas and embracing new challenges

The passion that drives Jewel Concepts is already well known to many territories, but there is always room for more members in Jewel Concepts’ family of countries.

In the eve of a global crisis, Jewel Concepts welcomed its latest local branch in Croatia. We always felt great joy in meeting new people and sharing new ideas and perspectives, all being that more important in these complicated times. Our goal was always the same, to bring joy and happiness to everyone we meet and we are thrilled to have more like-minded people on board, sharing the same thoughts.

Love and pride we take in our work are also behind another big undertaking happening in Jewel Concepts. Our web stores are undergoing a major overhaul, with our latest member, Croatia, as the first one to sport the new design and new structure. The launch of the Croatian web store happened only months before another Jewel Concepts website revealed its new layout.

The well-established British web store was redesigned following our new philosophy and we are looking forward to new endeavors and new challenges in our work.

Every piece of personalised jewellery we produce and deliver is a major inspiration for us and we are happy to include new countries and new people in our ongoing story of priceless memories being shared among people all across Europe. And new exciting additions to this story are just around the corner…