Jewel Concepts will imbed your fingerprint in your piece of jewellery. But in order for them to do this, you need to go through ‘fingerprinting’ in your own home. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s really very easy, as you will read here.

Special fingerprinting set

A fingerprinting device is obviously not part of your standard household equipment. So how do you go ahead with it?

At Jewel Concepts we propose several solutions for this. We provide you with a special fingerprinting set that you can order from us through our website. It contains the perfect material for you to take your fingerprint.

1.If you have a decent scanner in your home it’s easy. You scan the imprint you have just made with the set. This scan should have a resolution of minimally 600 dpi, in color. You save it as a jpg file and e-mail it to Jewel Concepts.

2. If you don’t have a scanner,  you send us that print through the regular mail. As most people don’t have a scanner at home, we are currently working on a project that will allow you to digitize your fingerprint from this set, using your smartphone.

The question that remains is, how does Jewel Concepts add the depth you see and feel in the jewel, starting out with this flat scan or print?


Real fingerprints have depth. It is not enough to simply scratch their outline in a jewel.

Some companies will simply (laser) engrave the flat print in the material of the jewel. They basically scratch it in the material. We do it differently, through our proprietary techniques we are able to re-create the natural form depth of the fingerprint. In this manner we include it in the material with a depth of about 0,3 millimeters.

When afterwards you put your fingerprint next to the jewel, you will see that they match perfectly.

Cost of the fingerprinting set

Jewel Concepts charges you 5 euro for this set. This amount is deducted entirely from the price of your order.

Can you go wrong when fingerprinting in your home?

No, that doesn’t happen. Together with the set we deliver very clear and detailed instructions on how to take your fingerprint. The documentation also shows 3 control prints with examples of what could go wrong.


Included with the set is a clear guide that helps you avoid any mistake

Because one set allows you to take about 40 fingerprints, it’s almost impossible not to be successful. You needn’t worry that you won’t be able to scan your fingerprint.

We always recommend that you make 2 fingerprints and keep one at home when sending us the other one. This allows you to verify that we have really used your print when you receive the ornament you have ordered.