At Jewel Concepts one craftsman will follow-up on your order from the beginning till the end. A craftsman with at least 10 years of experience in working with gold or silver. Your reward at the end of this process is a unique and memorable piece of jewellery that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Contrary to a lot of standardized items found in the main street nowadays, ours is a pure Dutch production. We don’t manufacture anything in low wage countries and therefore control the quality of your jewel throughout it’s completion. We are emotionally committed to making the experience a unique and happy one for you. Only a master goldsmith can oversee the handcrafting of a Jewel Concepts item.

A Jewel Concepts item is a work of art. It can only be handcrafted by a skilled craftsman — a person with a keen eye, a steady hand, a unique sense of beauty — under the supervision of master craftsmen with at least 10 years experience in the art. The unwavering norms demanded of the master craftsmen who are pledged towards overseeing the handcrafting of every piece of jewellery we deliver, ensure that every item that bears our name will prove to be visibly more refined and gratifying than any other item you’ll ever buy.

Who Is Jewel Concepts

To craft and create the most beautiful possible individual jewels that will last you a lifetime.
Creating jewellery is a matter of combining feeling and technique. We constantly develop both our art as we do our knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques. Even inventing new ways of making the fingerprints deeper and more lasting than what you can find anywhere else.
Each piece of jewellery is unique and made exactly according to your dream. We promise that we stand behind our product 100%.

Our Special Skills

Artisanal Craftsmenship 100%
Proprietary techniques developed in house 100%
Crafted entirely in The Netherlands 100%
We stand behind every piece we deliver 100%

Meet Our Team

Cees Janssen
Cees JanssenGoldsmith. Designer. CEO
Cees is the founder and CEO of Jewel Concepts. He leads a team of dedicated craftsmen that fulfil your most personal dreams.
Geert Janssen
Geert JanssenProduction & Backoffice Manager
Geert is Cees’ brother and his right hand in leading Jewel Concepts.