This is a special story about friendship. It is told by Jessica, one of the 6 women involved.

We were 6 girls, all attending a course far away from our homes. We saw each other each and every day. Either on the train or in school. We shared a lot of common events and experiences and grow towards each other. Actually, each of us intuitively knew what was going through each other one of us at all times. After our final graduation, we all agreed that we would stay in touch with each other. I know this is often said and then gradually forgotten. But, read on and you’ll learn how strong our friendship has remained even many years later.

friendshipImmediately after graduation we went on our first common excursion. It was to the Efteling (a great Dutch theme park). The excursions kept following each other. Even when husbands, and even children, appeared in our lives. Somehow, everyone was very happy to be together.

Time passed. These excursions continued and before we knew it our friendship was nearing it’s 25th anniversary. Crazy how time flies actually. I felt this special long lasting friendship needs to be celebrated somehow. Quite quickly I settled on the idea that it should take the shape of a piece of jewellery, an ornament.

But not just any ornament. Something as unique and special as the 6 girls it all started with. Because I’ crazy about flowers, the idea came to me that it should be a jewel in the shape of a flower with petals. A flower with 6 petals, each containing the fingerprint of one of us. In this manner, we would al be wearing the same ornament, but in each individual version the wearer’s fingerprint would be gold plated. A unique ornament for every one of the uniques ladies, but connected with the 5 others through the common shape and the 6 identical fingerprints.


The handing over of the jewels took place during a very special excursion. It was an extraordinary moment and an emotional day. The other 5 ladies (I can’t call us girls any longer after all this time) immediately got the idea.

Thank you Cees, for enabling us celebrate our friendship through this piece of jewellery. It makes us all happy every single time we put it on or even just look at it.”