Our pieces of memorial fingerprint jewelry are as unique as your loved ones are

For over 12 years, Jewel Concepts has created memorial fingerprint jewelry in our own design workshops in The Netherlands. Our passion is to keep the memory of your loved one alive forever. The memorial fingerprint jewelry offers you a personal keepsake of mourning, memory and joy.

Each order is executed with extreme care. Our memorial fingerprint jewels are unique items, representing human beings in their full reverence and individuality.

You have experienced a love without equal. Someone truly special in your life. Your unique memorial fingerprint jewel will provide you with a memory that lasts forever.


Celebration of your life and love

If you desire a lasting connection to the one you have lost, a memorial fingerprint jewel is right for you. As a celebration of life, each piece tells a unique story and represents a new beginning. With the closeness offered only by a memorial fingerprint jewel, you will have your loved one with you and in your life at all times.

We have thousands of clients – each with their own personal story, and each with their own personal unique jewel. But time and again, the one feeling they describe is the comfort and peace they experience when holding the memorial fingerprint jewel of their loved one near.

We’ve found that the memorial fingerprint jewel creation process actually helps the grieving process.

The fingerprint jewel is the most exquisite memorial available. You’ve chosen the right tribute to your loved one.

Your memorial jewel will provide a lasting memory that endures just as love does. Forever.

Remembrance fingerprint jewels

Jewel Concepts is a unique company that turns your loved one’s death into a process of remembering a legacy and beautiful life lived. Jewel Concepts specializes in developing memorial fingerprint jewelry that allow families to express their grief by sharing what made their loved one special and turning those memories into remembrance jewels.

Remembrance jewels can come in a large selection of popular styles such as pendants, earrings, charms, rings and coins. You can choose from white gold, yellow gold and silver.

Remembrance fingerprint jewels are quite the opposite of a one-size-suits all approach. The possibilities are truly endless. Apart from the models shown, it is also possible to submit your own ideas, which will be professionally fashioned for you by Jewel Concepts.


A celebration of life through the telling of stories

Grieving takes on many forms and different phases. But we all and up with acceptance and understanding in the end. Jewel Concepts turns the process of talking about death into a celebration of the life and love of the lost cherished person.

For many people, talking about dying or death can cause them to cringe. It is scary to think about leaving this earth forever. It can seem even scarier for those loved ones who are being left behind.

In Victorian times, people wore mourning jewelry to remember a departed loved one. Family and friends would find comfort in keeping that person’s presence close to their hearts.

Jewel Concepts honors this tradition with the world’s most personal jewels. Memorial fingerprint jewels are made with the fingerprint from a loved one set in jewelry. This type of ornament not only symbolizes a special person, but also embodies the essence of life and love.

As unique as the person’s spirit, each memorial fingerprint jewel is truly one-of-a-kind. With an array of different styles, color combinations and precious materials from which to choose, your finished jewel will forever be beautiful and special to you — much like the memory of your loved one.

No matter how many years pass by, whenever you look at your jewel incorporating a loved one’s fingerprint, you’ll be reminded of his/her laugh, smile, and the happy memories you both shared. More personal than a photograph or other memorial item, this lasting tribute is a treasured keepsake for many years to come.