Lasting emotions

Every piece of jewellery we create for you represents a personal, emotional and happy story. This sentiment is an incredibly inspiring starting point for us. But on it’s own good sentiments don’t produce lasting pieces.

The combination of your love for your child with our know-how and high-end quality, lead to an item you’ll be proud of and extremely happy with. We will recreate the fingerprint, hand- or footprints of your child faithfully, in precise detail. We are committed and we take all the time needed in order to realize your lasting dream. We are fully dedicated to make every order a really delightful experience.

Exclusively tailored to your wishes

When our customer is happy, so are we. The sole ambition of the devoted craftsmen at Jewel Concepts is to offer you an exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction.

We promise you a very special experience, exclusively tailored to your individual requests.

A special purchase. An emotional choice.

jewelleryEach member of our team is aware that your order is an emotional choice. That’s why we are all resolved to be fair, sincere, knowledgeable and fully committed to your satisfaction. So that you can relax and enjoy your jewellery.

A piece from Jewel Concepts is inevitably a special purchase and an investment you make to celebrate life and love. We wholeheartedly want that celebration to be enjoyable and memorable, which is why we will go the extra mile for every single client.

The jewellery you select is not meant to be hidden in a drawer or safety deposit box. You should wear it, enjoy it and mainly love it.

Memorable events of life

Browse through our possibilities to find the exact item that matches your personal sense of style. Our hugejewellery-lasting-moments collection ensures that your purchase is made with confidence and that you’ll wear it with love and pride. After a short while, the piece of jewellery you have created with us will become an essential part of your outfit Jewellery is traditionally associated with the most memorable events of life.

“My father often takes his wedding ring that’s over 40 years old, and looks at it with joy and happiness. You see by the look in his eyes that he recalls where he was when he proposed to my mother, even the colors and sounds surrounding him at that moment. When you look closely, you even see the corners of his lips curve up very slightly, as if in a secret smile.”

That’s precisely the pleasure a unique piece of jewellery will award you with. And is the reason we so much love what we do for you.