Our craftsmanship is truly our pride

Every single item is made exactly according to your wishes. Each piece of personal jewellery we create for you is special for us as well. Your ornament from Jewel Concepts is truly unique, 100% hand crafted and totally personal.

Utmost attention

Because of this, we pay the utmost attention to the details and finishing of your jewellery. Every item is checked and re-checked before it goes out to you. In order to make 100% sure it complies with our strict quality norms and is exactly what you desire.


Although many companies offer to sell you cute jewellery, none can copy our craftsmanship or the magic we use on top of our skills and experience in order to make you happy.

Feel free to compare our jewellery with anything else on offer and you will immediately realize that we mean every word we say.

Inspected by a Master Goldsmith

It’s actually very simple: when an item is ready, we submit it to a final inspection by our master goldsmith. If he has even a single reservation about the workmanship, quality or finish we discard the item and make it entirely anew for you. Only if we are fully satisfied, you will also be totally happy with your Jewel Concepts piece.

Our deep passion

Probably it’s this strict policy that lies at the root of the extremely high level of great word-of-mouth and recommendations we receive from our customers. Our work is truly our deep passion. Through our craft we express who we are as artisans and what our vision is. This is why we use only the finest materials such as 14 karat gold and sterling silver. And create pieces that will last forever.